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Chiessi is a pretty seaside village on the west coast of Elba overlooking the sea. It offers a rare beauty of sunsets, on the horizon you can see Corsica, Pianosa and Capraia. Our small village consists of white houses and stands out from the green mountains and the deep blue sea.

Its good location allows you to enjoy the sea from the cliff or pebble beach, with crystal clear water, completely free from beach baths.

Chiessi is also the starting point of many trails, which branch together, leading through orchards and vineyards to the top of the mountain. The beautiful, scenic hiking trails are often used by hikers and bikers, especially in the off-season. Many practice here also Nordic Walking or Sky Trail.

For those who want to sunbath on a sandy beach, the beach Fetovaia is only 5 km away and then you can reach more beaches in just 5 minutes like Seccheto, Cavoli and Marina di Campo, the latter offers many tourist facilities and a lively evening and nightlife.