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From Chiessi there are many hiking trails that stretch along the coastline to the top of the neighboring mountain, through beautiful rural landscapes characterized by gardens and vineyards. Paths that offer enchanting Panoramic views are frequented by many sports lovers. These trails are all marked on the CAI Guide (for example the 3rd and 25th links us to Marciana and its famous pilgrimage church Madonna del Monte and the neighboring coastal villages) and give the trekking enthusiast the opportunity to reach Monte Capanne, the highest mountain of the island with its 1019 meters above sea level.

The nearest diving center is in Seccheto (6 km), while for a game of tennis you go to Sant’Andrea in the opposite direction (6 km), even at night.

The tranquility of this corner of the island is reflected in the familiarity of the hotel, while the owners themselves maintain excellent service.

Guided tours for trekking, snorkelling and kayaking

Thanks to the collaboration with Pelagos, which deals with excursions and environmental education and follow the project “A longer season”, we offer trekking, snorkeling and kayaking excursions to all our guests in the low season (from 16th may to 1st july and from 2nd september to 26th setpember) environmental leader!
For more information, visit the website: www.pelagos.it