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Sport and Nature

Sport and Nature

On our beautiful island, it is possible to combine the beauty of the sea and the Mediterranean environment with the exercise of some sporting activities, always with respect for the environment and nature.

There are:


There are excellent routes for beginners as well as for professionals, who can do a perfect workout in our ups and downs.


Chiessi is the home of windsurfing on Elba Island, and home of many Italian sporting events, thanks to thermal winds that blow throughout most of the year, it is an ideal location of shallow freeride / small water wave and all practitioners, from beginner to racer or freestylers.
Recommended Boards: Freestyle, Slalom, Race (from 95 to 150)
Recommended sails: Freestyle, Freeride, Race (from 5 to 11)
PS: At reception, you can always ask Giorgio for information, who has been a practicing and avid windsurfer for over twenty years.

Diving and snorkeling

An ideal place for diving or snorkeling, thanks to the rocky soils, gorges and caves where they can easily meet groupers, moray eels and other species of underwater life. Elviscott is the wreck of the ship, which sank in 1972 and now it’s the home for many fish, about 1.5 km from the hotel.
The nearest dive center is 5 km away.


Chiessi is an excellent starting point for all activities that can be practiced on the trails (on the Elban west coast); only 10 meters from the hotel begins the trail no. 3, perhaps the most famous and longest in this area, which connects Marciana with Chiessi and Pomonte. During a 4-hour hiking trip, the trail shows the most beautiful views of the whole island. From here, other routes lead you through the Mediterranean vegetation.


Just above Chiessi is one of the best freeclimbing areas of the island, the cliffs of Monte San Bartolomeo.
In about 45 minutes from the hotel, from the CAI hiking trail no. 3, you reach these rocks. The San Bartolomeo is divided into two floors, which are not very visible from below.
The first floor, which is reached by a detour, is signposted and has several routes, while the second floor offers a route.
There is also a short via ferrata that offers the opportunity to climb to the summit.
For this climbing garden it is necessary to have at least 12 karabiners, a 60 m long rope and the use of the helmet is recommended.

Here are the characteristics that distinguish it:

Spigolo all’ombra 5c
Olympus L1 5a L2 6b L3 6c
Variante ascari 7c
Via del geco spaventato L1 6b L2 6c
Mediterranea L1 6b L2 7a L3 6c
Tintura ridicola L1 5c L2 6a L3 A1
Spigolo al sole 6b
Spigolo al sole di destra 6b
Ale 7a+

Fabbricante di chiavi 7b
Partenza miciadiale 7a
La fessura 6b
Aspide 6c
Prunella 6a+
6 luglio 7a
Pioneering L1 5a L2 5C
Ventarella 6a+
Nina 6b+

Pinta 6a+
Santa Maria 6b
Papavero 6a
Sara 5c
Paso di Sambo L1 6a L2 7a+
111 e lode L1 5b L2 5a L3 6a
Via dei gigli martagoni L1 5b L2 IV L3 IV+
Via dei veci L1 IV L2 IV L3 V
Arrabbiata L1 5c L2 ? L3 ?